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Providing Virtual Finance Director services for over 10 years.

Quite possibly the originator of the term "Virtual FD" in the UK. We provide bespoke financial management and reporting for all types of business who understand the importance of accurate financial reporting and forecasting. Our combination of financial expertise in accounting and accounting systems, together with our FDPack® dynamic reporting tool puts you in control of your company (small, medium or large) by giving you clarity and confidence to make better decisions.



Before you can make proper decisions, you must know your precise financial position and have a view of the most likely outcome into the future. More often, this is not available, so the first action is to clean, correct and simplify your accounting processes and inputs. Secondly, a bespoke and fully detailed rolling forecast is developed that will live with the business forever.

Our FDPack® is a unique reporting and forecasting tool that connects to your accounting system to provide a live feed of data, and knits that seamlessly to your bespoke forecast. This becomes your single report pack for all financial data.


Business Finance Simplified

Make lifelong savings with a streamlined accounting function.

Get the most out of your staff and your accounting/ERP systems.  We will help you to –

  • simplify the everyday processes.
  • use your software better.
  • reduce duplication of effort.
  • define and centralise reporting.

Past, Present & Future Reports

It is important to review your actual performance, but also to see the short and longer term views. The core reports in the FDPack® are integrated and provide a consistent, natural timeline view, spanning previous years and periods, current months and future years.




Profit & Loss


Cash Flow


Balance Sheet

Key Benefits

Take advantage of the many benefits a Virtual Finance Director can provide for your business.

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Higher level of expertise


Pay only for what you need


No employment contract


Unbiased and objective


Lower ongoing overheads